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wii keyboardWith Opera web browser for the Wii you can log on to GMail, Yahoo or Hotmail and write a quick e-mail using USB or Bluetooth Wii Keyboard or visit your favorite Forum and write some posts right from your living room without turning on the PC.

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From IGN.com "Wii's World Wide Web
Nintendo and Opera team up to take Wii users to the Internet. Learn how it's all going to work in this exclusive interview."

IGN Wii: Wii doesn't have a keyboard. How will you get around this limitation so that Opera on Wii can provide users with the best browsing experience?

Scott Hedrick: The Wii remote control is an extremely advanced tool. Opera plans to use this to its full advantage and it will provide an intuitive way to surf the Web. Imagine the possibilities in terms of surfing with a motion sensitive remote control. I cannot specifically comment on the lack of keyboard, but many devices running Opera don't have keyboards, such as the Nintendo DS, and feature on-screen keyboards to solve this problem.

copy wii games

- Backup Copy Wii games
- Play wii isos from SD card or external HDD
- all this is and more made possible if you Unlock Your Wii

Nintendo ASCII keyboard controller - The keyboard and the controller dock! Optimum to net game!
The operation impression of the [nintendogemukiyubu] genuine controller that way the keyboard and unification. If the ASCII keyboard controller, the having changing which at the time of the kyat is troublesome there is no necessity.
Furthermore it is not troubled with either the storage space of the controller by unifying the keyboard. Comfortable play is promised at this one unit. Action Replay Wii MAX

First off because Wii is backward compatible with GameCube and GC controllers you can use the GameCube KeyBoard on the Wii for playing compatible GC games.

gamecube keyboard wii

EmuWii.com - Emulators you can play on Wii in GC Mode. Emulate SNES, NES, Sega Genesis games.
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Virtual Console.info - Reviews of best VC games and free wiipoints.
Nintendo Wii Remotes - Add up to 4 wiimotes to play multiplayer party games.


WiiKey Nintendo Wii Mod-Chip is fully upgradable via DVD/disc so it is future proof, new Wii firmware updates wont be able to make it obsolete. WiiKey can direct boot of Wii backups from DVD-R discs exactly like original game discs. And of course this modchip lets you directly (without swapping) boot of GameCube backups and load different region GC games/backups like JAP and EURO games that otherwise would not work on a USA Wii console.

WiiKey boots different NTSC region Wii games/backups and also PAL games on USA consoles with varied compatibility. Supports multi-disc games and these games can be burned to DVD-R and DVD+R and even on rewritable RW media. Built-in audio fix (for games using streaming, no patch required). Same as other modchips WiiKey works in a stealth mode undetectable for Nintendo. Installation of wii key is easy with 6 wires or using no wires with quick solder interface - but solder gun is still required. Compact design, best quality components are used in manufacturing of wii key as well as rock solid high speed controller as can be expected from Xeno Team - the makers of Xeno GC mod-chips.

Read more about WiiKey at > Wii Mod Chips.com

wiickeyboard adapter wiic
WiiCkeyboard Adapter
- Nintendo Wii and GameCube compatible Game Controller "joybus" adapter for PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse. Works with wirless keyboards. Emulates GC keyboard and joypad (see above). WiiCkeyboard is supported by GC Linux on GameCube and Wii DS Roms.