WiiKey - the first upgradable Nintendo Wii Mod-Chip.

wiikey wii modchipWiiKey Wii ModCHIP


WiiKey Nintendo DS Mod-Chip is fully upgradable via DVD/disc so it is future proof, new Wii firmware updates wont be able to make it absolete. WiiKey can direct boot of Wii backups from DVD-R dics exactly like original game discs. And ofcourse this modchip lets you directly (without swapping) boot of GameCube backups and load different region GC games/backups like JAP and EURO games that otherwise would not work on a USA Wii console.

WiiKey boots different NTSC region Wii games/backups - not clear abut PAL compatibility but we will inform you as soon as we know. Supports multi-disc games and these games can be burned to DVD-R and DVD+R.
Built-in audio fix (for games using streaming, no patch required). Same as other modchips WiiKey works in a stealth mode undetectable for Nintendo. Installation is easy with 4 wires & quick solder interface - no soder gun required. Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller as can be expected from Xeno Team - the makers of XenoGC mod-chips.

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